Teaming Up Against Burnout

  • Building a Confidence Mindset

    One of the most valuable skills associated with resilience is called self-efficacy. Self-efficacy, also known as a confidence mindset, is the belief that you can overcome challenges and obstacles and continue to pursue goals that matter to you. $90.00
  • Know Your Icebergs/Rules

    Your “Rules” are your core values and beliefs about how you think the world should operate. They operate in ways that are both productive and counterproductive, and influence how you lead, parent, interact with others generally, and prioritize self-care and stress management strategies. $90.00
  • Building Mental Strength

    Mental strength helps you see life and workplace challenges and stressors in a more flexible and thorough way. When you do so, you can quickly identify specific action steps to take or whether you need to pivot to Plan B. $90.00
  • How to Build Stress Awareness

    The first step in preventing burnout is to build your stress awareness so you can better understand how stress impacts you and what you can do about it. $90.00
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