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When You Need Customized Solutions…

The Stress and Resilience Institute provides innovative, expert guidance to help your teams, leaders, and organizations develop resilience to lead through today’s challenges, such as:

• Responding to the competition for talent

• Finding ways to retain the talent you already have

• Navigating the hybrid work model

• Remaining operationally flexible in responding to further changes that may happen in your market

Here’s How We Help:


It’s important to educate your leaders about burnout prevention and strategies to help because burnout prevention is largely a leadership issue. Yes, it’s not thought of that way organizationally; rather, it’s portrayed as an individual mental health and well-being issue and employees get pathed into well-being programs that don’t offer the right tools to address the causes of burnout.


Empirically validated assessment tools help your teams, leaders, and organizations understand with more specificity both rates of burnout and causes of it.


As the picture becomes clearer with data, we can design specific solution strategies to help you address burnout, and more importantly, create a team environment with higher levels of resilience, motivation, and well-being.


Our targeted 1:1 implementation coaching sessions with your leaders help address the specific challenges they are facing with their teams. With these details, additional strategies and ideas can be discussed and implemented making the frameworks, tools, and skills stick.

You were incredibly impactful at our partner retreat, and throughout the course of your time working with Goodwin, you have consistently made our conversations more meaningful and helped us to better meet our challenges.

Mark T. Bettencourt | Managing Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP Aurora Health

“Just piling on to say thank you for leading such a vibrant dialogue with our executive members. As I’m sure you could tell, they were appreciative of your personal openness, evidence-based approach, and practical suggestions.  I can see why you’ve been invited back so many times!

Aliina Hopkins | Managing Director, CCI, Inc.Aurora Health
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Additional Support to Ensure Your Success

Certificate Courses >

Our certificate courses help train up your people/leaders who have a deep interest in continuing this work on an on-going basis. These trained professionals will help you create positive cultures that better promote effective leadership, well-being, motivation, and resilience. It is very much a proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. > Access a customized certificate course for your team now. 

Train-the-Trainer Course

Our program will teach people and leaders in your organization how to teach, coach, and discuss resilience, resilient teams, and burnout prevention research and strategies in an in-depth way. > Contact us for the best training program for your organization now.

Targeted On-Demand Content >

Our library of short micro-learning videos can be used as skill refreshers and/or to introduce new content for your leaders and teams to use in their organizations. These videos are 20 minutes or less on a variety of topics related to burnout prevention, building team resilience, and creating positive cultures. This content will be subject to a yearly licensing fee dependent on the number of potential users.  > Get started with On Demand Resources now.

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