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Why Resilience is a Critical Skillset in Law

The legal profession faces many challenges, and lawyers and leaders in law must be able to effectively manage through this change and complexity and quickly adapt their thinking, behaviors and strategies accordingly. In order to do this effectively, they need new tools, and one such tool is resilience. Resilience frameworks allow lawyers and leaders to adapt to and grow from perceived and actual setbacks and challenges, create strong networks to allow for teaming and collaboration, proactively monitor emerging issues in their practice area and across the profession generally and innovate.

What Makes Us Different

Our resilience tools are all research-based and are informed by Paula’s work at the University of Pennsylvania (including her work with Penn and the United States Army), positive organizational psychology and the Penn Resilience Program. The Penn Resilience Program is the most empirically studied resilience program and has been applied across industries such as the military, healthcare, education and in business. Paula trained with Drs. Karen Reivich and Marty Seligman, the creators of the Penn Resilience Program.

  • Paula has taught more than 200 programs to thousands of lawyers at all levels of practice on the topics of stress, burnout prevention and building resilience at the individual, team, leader and organizational level.
  • Paula is a PDC Trusted Advisor.

Impact of Resilience Training in Law

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Paula Davis works across industries and is proud to be a trusted expert and educator to military legal personnel about burnout prevention and resilience.

“Not only was it a packed room for the “Building Resilient Teams” presentation, but the feedback was extraordinary and many thought it was the best session of the CLOC event (out of 80 sessions!).  The insights and learnings are incredibly relevant to building and leading teams in today’s environment, and it was humorous and fun as well!”

Mary Shen O’Carroll | Director of Legal Operations at Google & President of CLOC

Our Most Popular Programs

Here are some of our most popular programs with key learning objectives:

Lawyer Strong ® Resilience Overview


Building Resilient Legal Teams


Resilient Leaders in Law


Stress, Burnout Prevention & Creating a Positive Culture in Law

(All Levels)

Resilience & Business Development for Lawyers


Resilience & Innovation in Law


What Resilient Legal Organizations Do Differently

(Executive Committee/Management Committee/Partners/Leaders)

“Paula is one of the most reputable and knowledgeable experts on stress and resilience in the legal world and beyond!  Her practical and effective approach to teaching these much-needed skills to individuals and counseling organizations to develop these skills in their talent is unmatched.  She taught an online course for our On Ramp Fellows (women returning to the legal profession) and every single one of them gave her 5 stars (out of 5!).  She’s phenomenal!”

Caren Ulrich Stacy | CEO, Diversity Lab

Lawyer Strong ® Resilience Overview (Individuals): 

The benefits of resilience are many, but they need to be given some context.  Resilience is a set of skills that can be practiced, learned and developed.

  • Summarize the well-being and performance benefits of resilience
  • Gain insight into why lawyers tend to score lower than the general population on measures of resilience
  • Learn more about your own Resilience Strengths & Challenges by taking the Stress & Resilience Institute’s Resilience Inventory
  • Practice a set of skills shown to build resilience using case studies, interactive exercises and our own short STRONG (STress Resilience ON the Go) strategies
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Building Resilient Legal Teams (Leaders/Partners/Teams): 

** This program was voted the Most Valuable Session at the 2019 CLOC Institute conference in Las Vegas

Teams are becoming increasingly important in the workplace generally, but also in the legal profession.

  • Learn the 6 key building blocks of what makes a team resilient
  • Understand the key role that leaders play in enhancing or eroding the resilience of their team
  • Learn more about your team’s Resilience Strengths & Challenges by taking the Stress & Resilience Institute’s Resilience Inventory for Teams
  • Discuss key issues applicable legal teams, like geographic distance, psychological safety and trust
  • Practice skills shown to build resilient teams using case studies, interactive exercises and our short TNT (Tiny Noticeable Things) strategies
  • This program is perfect for law firm practice groups, in-house legal departments, leaders of practice groups and mid-level and senior associates who are assuming more responsibility within their teams.
  • Includes group coaching sessions to ensure that key skills and strategies are operationalized
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Resilient Leaders in Law (Leaders/Partners): 

Leaders have a profound impact on their followers’ resilience and well-being.  Leadership development efforts at many firms have expanded to include other tools not typically taught in law school, and resilience is an important addition.

  • Learn the 5 key attributes of resilient leadership
  • Learn more about your own Resilience Strengths & Challenges by taking the Stress & Resilience Institute’s Resilience Inventory for Leaders
  • Discuss key issues specific to leading in the law, like the producer-manager dilemma (how do I lead and still maintain a practice), skepticism and the importance of maintaining well-being (your own and others)
  • Talk about how to coach these skills to those you lead
  • Practice skills shown to build resilient leadership using case studies, interactive exercises and our short STRONG (STress Resilience ON the Go) and TNT (Tiny Noticeable Things) strategies
  • Includes 1:1 coaching sessions so that leaders can implement personalized resilience plans
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You were truly one of the best presenters we’ve had. The response has been extremely positive. Resilience is a topic that our firm very much needed to learn more about during these challenging times.  It resonated with our employees of all ages and levels – regardless of being an attorney or professional staff.  Your delivery was spot on and your personal stories really made the attendees feel a connection with you.

Kelly M. Morgan | Thompson & Knight, Chief Talent Officer

Stress, Burnout Prevention & Creating a Positive Culture in Law (All Levels): 

Chronic stress inhibits problem solving, concentration, and attention, it impairs development of high-quality relationships and teams, it interferes with working memory, increases anxiety and is linked to burnout, all of which impact lawyers and their ability to practice at a high level.

  • Paula shares her story about burning out at the end of her law practice
  • Learn more about the spectrum of stress and how to know when stress becomes burnout
  • Discuss 6 key burnout warning signs
  • Understand the burnout formula
  • Practice a framework for talking to colleagues about concerns in this area
  • Discuss the 7 key building blocks of creating a Positive Culture – the entry point to a systemic, comprehensive solution to address burnout in the workplace
  • Discuss how resilience and other positive organizational psychology strategies help and practice key tools and frameworks using case studies and interactive exercises
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Resilience & Business Development for Lawyers (Individuals/Leaders/Partners/Teams): 

Business development is critical to lawyers’ success, but many lawyers don’t feel particularly competent in this area.

  • Summarize the well-being and performance benefits of resilience and how resilience tools help lawyers in this specific area
  • Resilience strategies help lawyers quickly process and more positively adapt to the frustrating aspects of business development in a way that promotes a growth mindset, builds an optimistic explanatory style, and optimizes the power of their networks
  • Practice specific skills to help you grow your confidence and resilience in this area
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What Resilient Legal Organizations Do Differently  (Executive Committee/Management Committee/Partners/Leaders): 

Is your law firm or organization ready to adapt to the known and unknown challenges associated with doing business in a changing environment?

  • Discuss the 5 indicators that drive resilience in organizations
  • Assess how your organization rates on each of these indicators
  • Executive teams and leaders use these results to discuss how the organization is prepared to manage both small and large challenges and what areas of improvement need to be made
  • Practice skills shown to help improve these indicators
  • Includes group coaching sessions with your executive team to ensure these strategies are implemented
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Resilience & Innovation in Law (Individuals/Leaders/Partners/Teams):

Law firms and corporate legal departments need to adapt to the changing profession, add value for clients or face the consequences.

  • Your clients have challenges they need your help with, and innovation is the process of turning an idea into a solution that adds value from a client’s perspective. Discover the process (called “design thinking”) by which you and your teams can help your clients solve their most pressing challenges (both legal challenges and general business challenges)
  • The process of innovating can be slow, frustrating and include many stops and starts. Resilience tools can help you manage this aspect of innovating so the process itself doesn’t get stopped in its tracks
  • Many participants also report using these tools to help with business generally, from preparing for trial to holding more effective client meetings
  • I often present this topic with my friend and colleague, Tom Heffner, an expert in innovation and design thinking methodology.
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Invite your clients. Law firms often host programs with clients and ask us to speak about these topics, particularly resilience, stress, and burnout. Many of your clients are large organizations that are experiencing stress, burnout, change, and complexity and have an interest in (and need for) these tools and frameworks. These joint programs have been some of the most well-attended and popular we have delivered.

Consider the impact to your diversity & inclusion programs: These topics can be particularly impactful when talking to women and diverse attorneys about their experiences practicing law and informing retention efforts.

Include spouses, significant others & key family members. Paula was honored to help pilot the Army’s resilience training course for spouses, and family members and friends are often on the receiving end of the stress and challenges lawyers bring home and often don’t know what to do to help. Paula recently spoke to a group of spouses at a partner retreat, and to say that they were eager to talk, vent, and get more resources, was an understatement.

Learn from a soldier. Paula’s friend and colleague, Lt. Col. Sylvia Lopez, travels with her on occasion to talk about how resilience skills have informed her leadership style, help her manage stress, and how she continues to teach these skills today as a senior officer in the military. Col. Lopez’s remarks are impactful and well-received by attorneys and legal professionals at all levels of practice.

We look forward to being a trusted resource for you and your firm.

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