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How to Build Resilience, Prevent Burnout, and Create a Positive Culture

The new future of work is upon us, and legal leaders and teams face many uncertainties and unanswered questions. In this time of unprecedented change (and rapid growth for many law firms), legal organizations must prioritize workplace resilience and begin to proactively design workplace environments to prevent employee burnout and increase motivation.

Our founder, Paula Davis, is a globally recognized thought leader and expert in workplace resilience and burnout prevention for the legal profession, and author of the book Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being & Resilience, published by the Wharton School Press. She can show your legal teams and leaders how to translate the lessons learned from the pandemic into pragmatic (and research-based) action steps to proactively bring this type of culture to life in your legal organization.


You were incredibly impactful at our partner retreat, and throughout the course of your time working with Goodwin, you have consistently made our conversations more meaningful and helped us to better meet our challenges.

Mark T. Bettencourt | Managing Partner, Goodwin Procter LLP

“Thank you so much – I’m so appreciative for the perspective and practical approach you offer. Our firm truly values its ongoing partnership with you. Just amazing…as are you!”

M. Scott Peeler | Co-Practice Group Leader, Government Enforcement & White Collar, Arent Fox Schiff LLP

Lawyer Strong®:
Building Resilience

  • Building Resilient Teams

  • Building Resilience Through an Inclusive Culture

  • How to Adapt to Uncertainty & Change: Strategies for You & Your Team

  • Cultivating a Mindset of Resilience for Business Development

  • Building Mental Strength & the Mindsets Associated with Resilience

  • How to Build Organizational Resilience

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Lawyer Strong®:
Preventing Burnout

  • Beating Burnout at Work: Why Teams Hold the Secret to Well-Being & Resilience

  • Understanding Burnout: Why Self-Care Isn’t Enough

  • How Overwork Drives Burnout & How to Address It

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Lawyer Strong®:
Creating a Positive Culture

  • The Present & Future of Work: How to Design a Positive Culture

  • How to Create Psychological Safety (Trust) on Your Team

  • The Building Blocks of Motivation: Know Your ABC’s

  • Why We Need Connection & Belonging at Work

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Paula Davis works across industries and is proud to be a trusted expert and educator to military legal personnel about burnout prevention and resilience.

“Not only was it a packed room for the “Building Resilient Teams” presentation, but the feedback was extraordinary and many thought it was the best session of the CLOC event (out of 80 sessions!).  The insights and learnings are incredibly relevant to building and leading teams in today’s environment, and it was humorous and fun as well!”

Mary Shen O’Carroll | Former Director of Legal Operations at Google & President of CLOC

“Paula is one of the most reputable and knowledgeable experts on stress and resilience in the legal world and beyond!  Her practical and effective approach to teaching these much-needed skills to individuals and counseling organizations to develop these skills in their talent is unmatched.  She taught an online course for our On Ramp Fellows (women returning to the legal profession) and every single one of them gave her 5 stars (out of 5!).  She’s phenomenal!”

Caren Ulrich Stacy | CEO, Diversity Lab

“You were truly one of the best presenters we’ve had. The response has been extremely positive. Resilience is a topic that our firm very much needed to learn more about during these challenging times. It resonated with our employees of all ages and levels – regardless of being an attorney or professional staff. Your delivery was spot on and your personal stories really made the attendees feel a connection with you.”

Kelly M. Morgan | Thompson & Knight, Chief Talent Officer


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