the pressure to stay young on the internet. Ironically, all first page results linked to cosmetic surgery resources. I had hoped to find links to cultural studies and support. I moved on to an article in Harper’s Bazaar. It looked promising as I read with interest about a mother of two who believes age is a state of mind. The article took a nose dive when she stripped down to a bikini on top of a mountain to ski down scantily clad, declaring her worth at the age of 40. It plummeted further when it ended with a photo of her in said bikini, all dolled up like a 20-year-old. Hmm. Moving on. Undeterred, I tried a more detailed search, how to age gracefully. Okay, this one looks more promising. According to Illinois psychologist Dr. Mark Frazier, to age gracefully, a person needs to anticipate the inevitable changes and not fight them. According to Dr. Frazier, it’s important that we understand our lives will not remain the same. That may be easier said than done. After a lot of searching, it turns out my father may have had the answer all along. When I was younger, he used to say, “The older you get, the faster the years go by.” Turns out that was true. More important, he told me, “Hey, growing old beats the alternative!” I would have to agree with that!]]>