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Helping Your Legal Organization Build Resilient Teams and Prevent Burnout

SRI On-Demand brings an unparalleled level of education and expertise to the world of burnout prevention, building individual and team resilience, and creating positive workplace cultures in law.

SRI On-Demand delivers essential information in an engaging format to help legal professionals navigate the complex world of stress and burnout in a systemic way, with resources to help individuals, leaders, teams, and legal organizations.

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Our cutting-edge content is continuously expanding and includes topics about:

  • How to Talk about Burnout
  • Six Core Causes of Burnout
  • Myths & Facts about Burnout (+ Strategies to Help)
  • Limit Worst-Case Scenario Thinking
  • Building Psychological Safety in the Legal Profession
  • Building Motivation in the Legal Profession

To learn more or to request additional information about SRI On-Demand content, please contact us at info@stressandresilience.com.

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