Certificate Course: Building Resilient Teams & Preventing Burnout

Designed for professionals who are interested in proactively designing and improving the quality of their workplace teams

Are You Ready to Build the Resilience of Your Team?

This certificate course is for professionals who are interested in proactively designing and improving the quality of their workplace teams to be better able to navigate stress, uncertainty, change, and to prevent burnout.

This course will give you the latest research in positive psychology, resilience, teams, stress, and burnout prevention, along with easy and effective tools, frameworks, and strategies to help you and the teams you work with apply these insights to create an environment that promotes high-performance, well-being, and thriving.

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Course Benefits

  • Access to a library of our lectures, group coaching sessions, and additional micro-learning tools in the form of videos and worksheets to support your learning
  • Accreditation to use the Resilient Teams Inventory and meaningfully debrief the results
  • Access to ongoing coaching to support your learning and the application of the tools


The Certificate in Building Resilient Teams is a learning program for busy professionals, just like you, who want effective, evidence-based, individual and systems-oriented approaches for managing stress, preventing burnout, and building resilience.

Delivered over ten weeks, the course includes a combination of live training classes, pre-recorded content, and live coaching calls to give you all the resources, tools, frameworks and support you need from our team of researchers and practitioners. You will meet virtually for one hour each week, first to learn the methods, research, tools, and frameworks, then to apply the learning in different ways. A group coaching session will follow each learning module to help you continue unpacking what you’ve learned, answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and to help you stay accountable for applying your new knowledge.

Topics Covered

The course will follow the PRIMED model created in Paula’s book. The PRIMED model is a research-based framework for proactively creating a workplace environment that promotes well-being and resilience and reduces burnout. The following topics will be covered in the course:

  • An overview of the research relating to resilience and its application to teams
  • A detailed explanation of the Resilient Teams Inventory and how to use it
  • Psychological Safety
  • ABC Needs – Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence and their link to well-being and motivation
  • Mental Strength and how to develop it
  • Ideas to maintain high-quality connections and relationships both at work and outside of work
  • Understanding burnout – its main dimensions, key warning signs, its causes (the demands that accelerate it and the resources that alleviate it), and ideas for how to talk about it at work
  • Cultivating meaning and impact at work

“Thank you so much – I’m so appreciative for the perspective and practical approach you offer. Our firm truly values its ongoing partnership with you. Just amazing…as are you!

M. Scott Peeler | Co-Practice Group Leader, Government Enforcement & White Collar, Arent Fox Schiff LLP

Getting Started

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